WeRaise, a Christian crowdfunding platform from Wheat Ridge Ministries, helps organizations engage their online community to support new, inspired ideas … ideas that meet community needs and bring health, hope and healing.

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    1. NOW LIVE

      Faith Family Reunion

      by Faith Family Reunioin

      Our mission is to equip church leaders and pastors with resources in ...

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      National Families
    2. NOW LIVE

      School Counseling and Outreach Ministry

      by Lutheran Counseling Services

      The mission of this project is to place a counselor in Christian scho ...

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      Southeast US Children and Young Adults
    3. FUNDED

      St. Paul's Walk-a-thon

      by St. Paul's Lutheran School

      Purchase stoves for the St. Louis West County Ronald McDonald House ...

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      Central US Families
    4. FUNDED

      SMSC Mission Trip

      by Shekinah Chapel Lutheran Church

      Take our urban, minority youth group to share in ministry and cultura ...

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      National Children and Young Adults
    5. FUNDED

      Summer W2College Tour!

      by Waukegan to College (W2C)

      This summer, W2C will be taking a group of our high school students t ...

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      Northeast US Children and Young Adults
    6. FUNDED

      Mission Trip to Guatemala

      by First Lutheran Church

      The 1st overseas mission trip in our church's history! We're off to G ...

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      International Economically Disadvantaged
    7. FUNDED

      The Reconciliation Bus

      by Bridge City Community

      We are going to purchase a bus to provide transportation for youth in ...

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      Southeast US Children and Young Adults
    8. FUNDED

      Hebron USA Medication Funds

      by Hebron USA

      Hebron USA is raising funds to purchase medications on-site for the p ...

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      International People with Limited Access to Healthcare
    9. NOW LIVE

      Parish Nurse for Domestic Violence Shelter

      by Church Health Services

      Church Health Services will place a Parish Nurse in a domestic violen ...

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      Central US Victims of Violence and Abuse
    10. FUNDED

      Child of God Resource Services

      by Child of God Lutheran School

      Child of God is seeking additional funds to increase the hours per we ...

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      Central US People with Disabilities
    11. FUNDED

      Breakaway Family Camp

      by Lift Disability Network

      Provide a five-day Christian summer camp retreat designed to focus on ...

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      Southeast US People with Disabilities
    12. FUNDED

      BLOOM Africa Learning Initiative

      by BLOOM Africa

      Provide essential school supplies to orphans and vulnerable children ...

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      International Children and Young Adults
    13. FUNDED

      Kayaks for Camp Kinard

      by SC Lutheran Retreat Centers

      Purchase two "sit on top" Kayaks for the use of our guests at Camp Ki ...

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      Southeast US Children and Young Adults
    14. FUNDED

      Have a Heart for Caregivers

      by LDA

      Mini-retreats for caregivers facilitated by a deaconess using Skype ...

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      National Families
    15. FUNDED

      Brick by Brick Grace in Action Building Challenge

      by Grace in Action

      Space is running out for youth and families to thrive with Grace in A ...

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      National Families
    16. FUNDED

      Bike-ify Young Life

      by Oak Park River Forest Young Life

      We want people to make small changes that have a big impact - through ...

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      Central US Children and Young Adults
    17. FUNDED

      The Peace Exchange: Chicago-Asia 2013

      by Holy Family Ministries

      Peace Builders, transformed by training and international travel, wil ...

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      Central US Children and Young Adults