WeRaise Crowdfunding Resource Library

WeRaise Document Library

WeRaise Project Budget Form (required) Use this document to explain how your organization will use the funds raised for your project on WeRaise.

WeRaise Project Donor Plan Use this document to identify your target audience and get a better idea of where support for your project will come from.

Crowdfunding 101 Video (required) All project leaders are required to watch our WeRaise Crowdfunding 101 webinar to learn the important tips and strategies that are vital for a successful crowdfunding campaign. Want to participate in one of our live webinars? Register for a free upcoming crowdfunding webinar here!

Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Plan Template Successful crowdfunding requires a thoughtful marketing plan. This template provides a variety of ideas and a calendar template to make the planning process fun and organized. Use the bottom tabs to choose the calendar that corresponds to the length of your campaign.

WeRaise Follow-Up Report (required) This follow-up report will be required 12 months after the close of your WeRaise campaign. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder when it's time to submit. 

WeRaise Financial Report Form (required) This financial report will be submitted with your WeRaise follow-up report.You'll use this form to tell us how you spent the money you raised. We'll remind you about this form when we contact you about the follow-up report.

General Crowdfunding Articles & Information

Creating a Non-Profit Promo Video - When it comes to campaign videos, simple and personal is best. Looking to make a video that's a little more elaborate? Check out this great tutorial from What Took You So Long.

How to Create an Amazing Crowdfunding Pitch - This Huffington Post article shares steps for building an effective crowdfunding pitch, including clear video messaging.  

Five Tips to Help You Succeed at Crowdfunding - Five tips for setting your crowdfunding campaign up for success, as shared by Marketplace.org.

The Myth of Magical Crowdfunding - And What Actually Works - Make sure crowdfunding expectations are realistic by reflecting on the insights shared in this Forbes article by Carol Tice.

Crowdfunding Project Building Resources

As you build your crowdfunding project page, you may find that you need a variety of skills to get everything as it needs to be. When recruiting your project team, keep in mind what your project will need (such as a video and pictures) and find people that can help you in these areas. Also remember that regardless of your skill level, there are many free tutorials available online. A quick search on Google or YouTube will provide written and video resources on whatever you want to learn. Additionally, here are a few helpful resources we've come across:

Creating Project Video: Every project is required to have a video. Videos should be short (under 2 minutes), personal, and engaging. No need to be a video editing professional - most computers now come with free user-friendly video editing software. 

Editing Photos: Some photos on your project page will need to be specific sizes and shapes. For example, individual team member photos need to be square, 150 x 150 pixel images, under 1MB in size. If they're not square, the photos will appear distorted. First, start with a square photo. Most smart phones have the ability to take photos as a square or edit photos into a square. Once you have a square photo, you will want to edit the photo to the 150 x 150 size.