For Donors

Welcome Supporters!

As a donor, WeRaise is a tool that allows you to learn about and support new, innovative health and human care initiatives taking place in communities around the world.

Why Donate on WeRaise?

- Tax Deductible: Unlike most crowdfunding sites, all donations made on WeRaise are tax deductible. Please note, once you pledge, your card will not actually be charged until the end of a successful campaign.

- Experience: Wheat Ridge Ministries has been providing start-up resources and support to new initiatives for over 100 years. When donating on WeRaise, you can be confident you are giving to an organization that has been vetted by a reputable, grant-making agency. Wheat Ridge Ministries holds a Gold Star Rating with GuideStar and is an Accredited Charity with the Better Business Bureau.

- Power of the Crowd: With WeRaise, support comes from a whole community. By donating on WeRaise, you become part of a network of support and contribute to the momentum. Your financial support is a tangible way of joining the chorus of those encouraging creative leaders.

Long-Term Vision: Successful WeRaise projects may be invited to apply for additional grant funding directly from Wheat Ridge. By supporting a project on WeRaise, you are supporting a long-term vision of sustainability and impact.

Variety: Everyone has something they’re passionate about – from education to veterans, poverty to water wells, malaria to healthy lifestyles. The mission of Wheat Ridge Ministries allows room for creativity while maintaining consistent values. Donors can be confident in the mission while finding specific projects that resonate with them.

Can’t decide which project to support?

Donate directly to Wheat Ridge! Your tax deductible gift to Wheat Ridge will help ensure inspired leaders have a place where they can find support and valuable resources. In addition to helping fund the WeRaise platform, your donation will facilitate our other grant programs (GrantsPlusJoshua Grants and Burst Grants).