About WeRaise

  • What is WeRaise?
    WeRaise is a crowdfunding platform, hosted by Wheat Ridge Ministries, created for inspired leaders in Christian congregations and nonprofit organizations who are seeking to facilitate health and human care ministry projects. Projects posted on WeRaise must be focused on improving personal wellness of body, mind and/or spirit.

  • What is the difference between WeRaise and other crowdfunding sites?
    • WeRaise is the only crowdfunding sites exclusively for Christian health and human care projects.
    • All successful WeRaise projects are eligible to apply for additional funding through Wheat Ridge's grant programs. This means your project could receive more money to increase your impact!
    • WeRaise is a tool made possible by Wheat Ridge's generous donors. Thanks to this support, Wheat Ridge does not add any fees to cover our expenses. Successful projects only pay processing fees, which are approximately 4.7%.
    • All gifts made on WeRaise are tax deductible and Wheat Ridge handles the receipt process!
    • Wheat Ridge Ministries is committed to helping our projects be as successful as possible by providing free monthly webinars, crowdfunding tutorials, helpful articles, and other resources.
    • Wheat Ridge Ministries has years of experience helping new projects launch and succeed. Additionally, Wheat Ridge has a long-established and trusted brand with recognition from GuideStar and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Who can post a project on WeRaise?

    To be eligible to post a project on WeRaise, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

    • You are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or are partnered with a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is willing to act as the fiscal agent. Individuals are not eligible but may partner with a non-profit organization that will act as the fiscal agent for the funds.
    • The organization or project must be aligned with Christian beliefs as described in the Apostle's Creed.
  • What types of projects are allowed on WeRaise?
    WeRaise is specifically designed for health and human care ministry projects. "Human care" is meant to be a broad categorization. Simply put, the project leader will need to explain how the project will meet a human need. Additionally, Wheat Ridge has a holistic approach to "health." Projects can focus on health in a variety of contexts - including physical, emotional, vocational, spiritual, and more.

    Example projects include food banks, health clinics, after-school programs, mission trips and much more!

  • What is "All or Nothing" crowdfunding?
    The WeRaise platform uses an "All or Nothing" crowdfunding structure. This means that the project must hit 100% of its goal amount to receive any of the funds pledged. Be sure to keep this in mind when setting a funding goal. There is no limit to how much can be pledged to your project. Many WeRaise projects exceed their original goal.

    For example, if a project sets a goal of $10,000, they must receive at $10,000 in pledges to receive any of the funds. If they only have $9,999 pledged, the pledges will not be processed.

    Why "All or Nothing"? When you successfully crowdfund on WeRaise, the funds are sent in the form of a grant from Wheat Ridge. Wheat Ridge needs to be sure that project leaders will have all they need to launch their ministry. This allows for accountability and transparency. For example, if a project planned to start a health clinic that would cost $15,000, but only raised $3,000, we know it would be impossible for them to carry out the original plan.

    Planning Tip: Set a funding goal that allows you to launch your ministry and is also attainable. Keep in mind that donors can give well beyond the goal (and often do!)

  • Is there a minimum or maximum I can raise on WeRaise?
    The minimum amount you can raise for your project is $500. There is no limit to how much you can raise!

  • For Project Leaders

  • How do I create a project?
    To create a project, click the 'Start Project' link at the top of the page. You will be prompted to fill out your user profile and register with the site. You can begin building your project from there. If you are unsure if your project fits the WeRaise guidelines, we recommend submitting a WeRaise pre-approval application. This quick form gives our team a general idea of your project so we can make sure it is a good fit and meets the WeRaise guidelines. You'll hear back within 48 hours if you've been approved to build a project.

  • How much does it cost to run a project on WeRaise?
    There is no cost to run a crowdfunding campaign on WeRaise!

    However, successful campaigns incur a credit card processing fee of approximately 4.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This fee is taken by the credit card processor and will be reflected in the final grant amount.

    Wheat Ridge Ministries does not take any cut of the funds raised.

  • What are the fees associated with WeRaise?

    Fees are collected if (and only if) the project is successfully funded. 

    Wheat Ridge Ministries does not receive any portion of the funds raised. CrowdEngine (our platform provider) collects a 2% fee on the funding total and WePay, the integrated credit card processor, will collect a fee of 2.9% on the funding total as well as $0.30 per transaction. For example, if your campaign raised $5,000, our platform provider would receive $100 and the payment processor would receive about $135. If you don't successfully reach your goal, there are no charges.

    Planning Tip – Add a 5% buffer into your campaign budget goal to account for fees.

  • How long is a WeRaise crowdfunding campaign?
    Projects may choose to run a project for 30, 35, 40 or 45 days.

  • Am I required to include a video in my WeRaise project?

    Yes! A campaign video is one of the best ways for you to make a human connection with your supporters (and for supporters, there’s nothing more motivating than that!) Statistics across the crowdfunding industry show campaigns with videos raise significantly more money than those that do not have a video. 

    The video does not have to be fancy or professionally produced. If you have a mobile phone, you likely know how to shoot a video clip. Focus on being engaging and telling your story as passionately and succinctly as possible. Have fun with it!

    Here are a few basics you don’t want to forget:

    • Introduce yourself and your organization
    • Tell your story – be clear how your project will make an impact
    • Specifically ask people for their support (pledges, prayers, promotion)
    • Tell people what they’ll get in return for their support (your rewards)
    • Say thank you!

    Your video shouldn't be more than 2-3 minutes long. Shorter is better! 

    Once your video is complete, upload the video to YouTube and then it will be ready to add to your project platform. Here’s a great article about what makes a strong video.

  • What is a "reward" and are they required?

    Rewards (also known as "perks") offer a way to thank your supporters and further engage them with your project. They also help guide donors in deciding how much money to pledge to your campaign. Please note, as the project leader, you agree to fulfill any promised rewards if your campaign is successful. Rewards are not required but they are strongly encouraged. This is a great way to connect with your donors and build a long-term partnership. Offer rewards that don't cost anything but will be valuable to your donors (such as pictures, invitations, hand-witten notes). Avoid rewards that will cost money to create and/or ship.

    A few common rewards include:

    • Items created by the project (publications, art, food, videos)
    • Access to an experience (invitation to health clinic opening, virtual hangout with project leaders)
    • Tokens of thanks/souvenirs (handwritten thank you cards, artwork connected to project, photos)
    • Acknowledgement (name displayed on website, church bulletin, credits, wall of fame)
    • Sharing what a level of donation can accomplish (i.e., $25 will purchase books for the library; $50 will vaccinate 10 children)

    Note: Perks must be something you can definitely provide after you have reached your goal.

  • How do I promote my project? Does Wheat Ridge promote my project?
    You will promote your project in whatever ways will help you connect to your audience and potential donors! 

    We have incorporated sharing tools, which are located on your project page. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Social media is just one aspect of your promotion; let your imagination run wild! Spread the word on your blog or your website; talk to friends at parties, to your board members, volunteers, participants... everybody you know!

    We strongly encourage projects to have a marketing plan that outlines promotional activities for every day the campaign will be live. Click here to view the WeRaise Crowdfunding Promotion Calendar Template. Download this file and use the tabs on the bottom to create a promotion and marketing calendar based on the length of your campaign.

    Wheat Ridge will help promote your project, but should not be relied on to be your primary source of traffic. We also make sure your project is ready for visitors. To do this, we typically wait to promote your project until your project has at least 15% of the goal already pledged.

  • Can my project be funded by one donor? Is there a minimum number of donors required?
    There is no requirement regarding number of donors for a project to be successful. However, WeRaise projects that are eligible for a financial incentive, such as a funding match or automatic pledge, must have a minimum of ten unique donors to receive the additional funding incentive. 

  • What happens once my project is created?
    Once the project details have been filled out, the project leader will submit it for review. The WeRaise team will review the project to make sure it meets the WeRaise guidelines and that all details are complete. The project leader will be notified within 48 hours if the project is ready to go live or if further edits are required. Once approved, the project team will decide when to officially launch the project.

  • Can I change my project once it's launched?
    No - project details, including project length, funding goal and project description, cannot be changed once the project has been launched.

  • My project reached its funding goal, what happens now?
    Congratulations! If your project still has time left, donors are still able to make pledges. It is not uncommon for projects to raise more than the goal they originally set. Once your project closes, the pledges will be processed.

  • My campaign has ended, what happens now?
    There are two possible scenarios when a campaign closes:
    • A. The funding goal was reached (or exceeded) – In this case, donor pledges will be processed. After funds have been processed, Wheat Ridge Ministries will send you the final totals along with a grant agreement. Once we have received the signed grant agreement, your funds will be sent in the form of a grant check. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that rewards are fully delivered to each of your donors.
    • B. The funding goal wasn't reached – In this case, all contributions are canceled. No amount is transferred to you and no money will be collected from donors. We encourage you to follow-up with your donors and provide them with a link to where they could redirect their pledge.

  • How do I receive funds from my successful project?
    Once Wheat Ridge has received the signed grant agreement, the funds will be sent in the form of a grant check. The check will be made out to the 501c3 associated with the project. Project leaders can typically expect to receive the check appxoimately 3-4 weeks after their project closes. 

  • Can offline donations (such as cash and checks) be applied to my funding total?
    No - WeRaise was created specifically to help you engage with donors online! Unfortunately, offline donations received by the project cannot be tallied toward the online fundraising total.

    If donors are nervous about the security of making an online donation, you can assure them that both the site and the credit card processor, WePay, are secure systems. For donors who do not want to use a credit card, a secure online donation may be made directly from the donor's bank account. All they need is an email address and the account information shown on a check. 

  • What happens if a donor's credit card is declined?

    “While uncommon, a transaction may be declined by the donor's bank at the time the donation is processed after the campaign closes (regardless of the initial preapproval they received when they originally made the pledge).

    In situations where the declined donation is more than $500 or caused by missing donor information, the donor will receive an email notification explaining how they can complete or resubmit their donation. If the donor does not resubmit their pledge, the donation cannot be collected. Some common reasons for declined transactions are expired credit cards, insufficient funds, or suspicion of fraudulent activity (particularly in cases where the donor has traveled internationally).”

    Please Note: If the final amount processed is less than 75% of the original funding goal, the project will be considered unsuccessful. At this point, all processed donations will be refunded and the project will not receive the funds pledged. For example, if a project has $1,000 in pledges but only $500 is successfully processed, the project will be considered unsuccessful and all donations will be refunded.

  • I submitted my project and received a request for edits. What does this mean?
    When a WeRaise project is submitted, it is reviewed within 48 hours. If the project is missing anything (such as a video, budget, or other required information) or has any glaring typos, edits will be requested. In the event edits are requested, the project will receive a notification via email. The project team may take as much time as needed to make the project edits. Once the edits have been made, the project leader should send an email, confirming the edits have been made. 

    Please note, even if the edited project is immediately resubmitted, the project will not be reviewed again for at least 24 hours from the time the request for edits was sent. You may resubmit a project up to three times. We encourage projects to take their time and be thorough so as to ensure the project will be successful!

  • What information do I receive about my donors?
    You will receive the following information about your donors:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Mailing address
    • Pledge/Donation Amount
  • What might keep my project from being approved for WeRaise?

    Wheat Ridge Ministries reserves the right to deny use of the WeRaise site to projects that we believe are inconsistent with our efforts to promote the common interest of our diverse constituents and supporters in Christ-centered health and healing ministry. 

  • For Donors

  • How do I donate to a project?
    On the project page, click the green "contribute" button on the right hand side. On the next screen, enter how much you'd like to contribute, and, if applicable, choose the reward you would like to receive. You'll also enter your address which will be used for your tax deductible receipt and, if applicable, to mail any perks. After you click the blue "Continue" button, you'll be redirected to WePay. As a secure payment channel, it will enable you to pre-authorize the payment. Once finished, you will be directed back to WeRaise and will receive a confirmation email.

    WeRaise uses WePay to process and secure transactions made through the site. WePay accepts credit/debit cards and bank accounts as payment sources.

    Please note, in order to donate to any WeRaise campaign, you must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Am I charged immediately when I donate to a WeRaise project?
    No. When you contribute to a project, we simply process payment authorization. You will receive a confirmation of your donation at the time of your pledge. 

    On the last day of the campaign, if the project successfully reaches its funding goal, your donation will be processed. You will receive a confirmation email from WePay, the credit card processor, when the donation is processed. 

  • How much does it cost to make a donation?
    Besides the donation itself, registering as a donor on WeRaise and contributing to projects on the site is completely free. 

  • I'm a project leader. Can I donate to my own campaign?
    The organization hosting the WeRaise project, who will also ultimately be receiving the funds, may not contribute to its own campaign (this includes staff members using cards from the organization). Project leaders and team members are welcome (and encouraged!) to contribute to their campaign as individuals but will need to do so using an email address not already associated with the campaign. 

  • I changed my mind. Can I update/cancel my pledge?
    If you change your mind about your pledge, you may cancel it. To do so, simply send your name, pledge amount, and the email address used to make the pledge to You will receive a confirmation email once your donation has been cancelled.

  • Can I update/cancel my donation after the project has ended?
    Donors can request a refund on their donation within seven days of the date it was processed. After seven days, donations made through WeRaise are non-refundable. Wheat Ridge sends the funds as a grant check to the project as soon as possible. Therefore, we are unable to refund donations once seven days has passed.

  • What happens if a project doesn't reach its funding goal?
    Nothing. If the project does not reach the funding goal your pledge will not be processed. 

  • Can I make a pledge offline via cash or check?
    WeRaise is specifically designed to be an online crowdfunding platform and is unable to accept offline payments, such as cash or checks. If you are interested in making a cash or check donation to an organization using WeRaise, please contact the project leader directly. We strongly encourage you to consider making your donation online so that your pledge will count towards the project's goal (offline donations will not count toward the online goal). If you are nervous about submitting a pledge online, please rest assured that both the WeRaise site and the credit card processor are very secure!

  • How do I know a project funded on WeRaise will actually launch?

    Wheat Ridge Ministries is committed to manually vetting projects hosted on our WeRaise platform, making sure they are trustworthy and legitimate organizations. Each project is reviewed by Wheat Ridge staff and, if it meets our criteria, will receive approval to be posted. Projects are also required to raise 100% of the funds needed to launch their ministry projects.

    Even with this verification process, it is ultimately the responsibility of the project and its leader(s) to turn the idea into reality. There are unique situations that may interfere with an organization launching a project as planned, such as the departure of the project leader or other hardships impacting the direction of the organization. In such an event, the organization has agreed to contact you, the donor, to inform you of how the funds will be used instead. You will not have the ability to retrieve your donation, so please be sure that you personally feel comfortable with the overall mission and leadership of the organization before donating. 

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?
    Yes, all gifts made on the WeRaise platform are tax deductible. Once the campaign has closed, your credit card will be charged and you will receive an email confirmation of your donation. Additionally, Wheat Ridge Ministries will email you a tax-deductible gift receipt for your donation.

  • Why does my receipt say I donated to Wheat Ridge Ministries? What is Wheat Ridge?
    Funds donated through WeRaise are sent to Wheat Ridge Ministries. Those funds are then compiled and sent as a grant check to the organization that ran the crowdfunding project.

    Wheat Ridge Ministries provides start-up funding and resources to inspired leaders in congregations and nonprofit organizations beginning new and innovative Christ-centered human care initiatives that focus on improving personal wellness of body, mind and spirit. Currently, more than 70 Lutheran-affiliated ministries around the world are receiving assistance through Wheat Ridge. To learn more, please visit