About WeRaise

Have you ever been inspired to serve others and change lives? Have you recognized a need in your community and now you’re looking for a way to have people support your idea with a spirit of generosity? 

That’s where WeRaise from Wheat Ridge Ministries comes in! WeRaise, our Christian crowdfunding site, helps organizations engage their online community to support new, inspired ideas … ideas that meet community needs and bring health, hope and healing!

How is WeRaise different than other platforms? 

Here are just a few things that set WeRaise apart...

  • No added fees! Wheat Ridge doesn't make any money off the site. Project leaders only pay platform and credit card processing fees of 4.9%+$.030/transaction. Unsuccessful projects don't pay any fees.
  • Grants available for successful projects! Successful WeRaise projects are eligible to apply for additional funding through Wheat Ridge's traditional grant programs. 
  • Free crowdfunding resources! We want your project to be successful. That's why we have a crowdfunding library full of free resources. We also host free monthly crowdfunding webinars to share tips, strategies, and best practices!
  • All gifts are tax deductible! Donations are sent to Wheat Ridge and the funds are sent to the project as a grant check. Wheat Ridge ministries handles the tax deductible receipt process. Of course, project leaders keep the contact information for all of their donors so they can follow-up with, thank, and engage these donors further.

Why WeRaise?

For over 100 years, Wheat Ridge Ministries has been helping organizations launch new ministries by providing resources and needed initial support. Our mission to “seed new ministries of health and hope in the name of the healing Christ” comes from our Lutheran roots.Through these efforts, we know that more people are experiencing wellness of body, mind and spirit made possible through Christ. By hosting a crowdfunding site, WeRaise.us, we hope even more inspired leaders will take the next step in making their idea a reality!

Which organizations have gotten started with a Wheat Ridge seed grant? Here are just a few of our former grantees:

As you can see, here at Wheat Ridge, we're always helping people get great ideas off the ground. Want to stay in the loop and be inspired by the great ideas of others? Sign up for our monthly enewsletter!

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