Wheat Ridge Ministries seeks to promote new and innovative ideas within the area of health and human care, encompassing a broad range of potential projects. Projects posted on WeRaise must help a group of people experience health and wellness in a significant, new way and/or address a need. Beyond just physical health, project can be focused on other areas such as vocational, psychological, emotional, or spiritual health. 

The following requirements apply to projects posted on WeRaise, our crowdfunding grant program:

  • Project must be consistent with Wheat Ridge’s mission of “seeding new ministries of health and hope in the name of the healing Christ.”
  • Organization or project must be centered in and motivated by the Christian faith as described in the Apostle’s Creed
  • Organization receiving funds must be a registered tax exempt entity as described by United States tax law (nonprofit, church congregation, or other exempt organization). Interested organizations that are not tax exempt should consider partnering with a tax exempt organization willing to act as the fiscal agent.
  • Organization may have only one active crowdfunding campaign at any given time on WeRaise. There is no limit to the number of campaigns an organization can post on WeRaise over time.
  • Only complete applications will be considered for the opportunity to use WeRaise.
  • Organization must submit one project evaluation report and budget to Wheat Ridge one year after the campaign ends. Failure to submit the required report will make the organization and leader ineligible to host additional future campaigns, or to apply for any funding from Wheat Ridge grant programs.
  • Project leader must be at least 18 years old.

Unsure if your project fits the requirements? Below are a few examples of projects that have been approved or denied by Wheat Ridge grant programs in the past.

Past Approved Project Examples

Past Denied Project Examples

  • Community Health Clinic
  • After School Programming
  • Wellness Days or Events
  • Sabbatical for Ministry Leader
  • Military / Veteran Focused Support
  • Parish Nurse
  • Funding to an individual
    • i.e. scholarships, medical bills, etc.
  • Political campaigns
  • General campaigns without specific focus

Still wondering? Contact our staff!