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My School For Middle East Refuge Children






Time Left

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In the Middle East, millions of refugee children have no books to read, no notebooks to write in, no artwork or report cards to bring home and hang on the fridge. They can’t tell stories about what happened on their field trip or at the playground because they didn’t go.

But now, the show My School brings a school to them through television. Daily episodes teach the basics of Math, English and Arabic. Syrian and Iraqi children whose education has been disrupted by conflict can start learning again as they watch the SAT-7 KIDS satellite TV channel.

Without Christ’s love, these children could be influenced by anger, resentment and hatred. But SAT-7 and its partner, Heart for Lebanon, have a chance to minister to families in need. The Executive Director of Heart for Lebanon says, “The Church was there in the midst of their suffering…You are moving a community of young kids from total despair to hope in Christ.”

Your donation to this project helps over 20 million Middle Eastern children who are out of school because of violence and turmoil. Click on the green "Contribute" button above and bless them today!


About SAT-7: Based in Cyprus, SAT-7 is a Middle East based Christian satellite television ministry broadcasting 24/7 throughout more than seventy countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. The network supports 5 channels with broadcasts in the major languages of the region: Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Turkish, Azeri, Kabyle and Kurdish. The ministry’s mission is to build the Church through non-political and non-partisan, biblically based programming, more than 80% of which is produced in the Middle East by Middle Easterners.  Learn more at


Big Changes

“My School is an innovative and unique opportunity to enable children to keep learning even though they don’t have a real school they can attend. For SAT-7, as a satellite telvision broadcaster, it is a great privilege to be able to help such displaced and refugee children continue with their education, in a different way – through watching television”, says Rita Elmounayer, Executive Director of SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 ARABIC.

“In providing education to this lost generation of refugees, especially those from Syria and Iraq, we are investing not just in their future but in the future of the Arab World. Teaching them to read and write is giving them the possibility to continue learning, be exposed to different points of view, maybe find a job later and ultimately to help shape society and make a positive difference in the Arab World of tomorrow.


The "My School" satellite television program is an on going SAT-7 KIDS channel project that needs urgent funding to keep "My School" programs on the air for the millions of out-of-school Middle East children. 

The scale of the need for education among refugee children in the Middle East is huge. Nearly half of the more than 3 million registered Syrian refugees are under 18 and there are an additional 3-4 million internally displaced children in Syria and Iraq.


Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $4,500

The "My School" satellite telvision progrm is a daily 90 minute program costing $900 for the daily 90 minutes of satellite airtime cost.  $4,500 provides the airtime costs for one full week of "My School" broadcasts on the satellite for the millions of SAT-7 KIDS viewers watching "My School".

Stretch Goal #2 $17,000

The "My School" satellite telvision program is a daily 90 minute program at $2500 per 90 minute "My School" episode and $900 per 90 minutes of satellite airtime cost per epidode totals $3,400 cost per day.  $17,000 would provides one full week of "My School" programs and their airtime cost for the millions of SAT-7 KIDS Middle East refuge and displaced children viewers.