Ministry Leader Sabbatical

Waiting, Wondering and Worshipping






Time Left

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Tom would like to put some of our Lord's teachings into action by using his sabbatical time to help out at local soup kitchens and crisis/treatment centers.   Tom would also be grateful to be able to use his sabbatical time to visit/study retreat centers and seminarys, both local and abroad.  In Salisbury, England, Tom plans to stay at Sarum College, where he will meet with spiritual mentors who have worked on applying psychological type to the spiritual life, which is one of Tom's great passions.  He would also consult with other mentors discussing further psychological type, and preaching. Tom will strive to specifically apply his knowledge to help others achieve a greater understanding of their unique preferences in daily life and how it applies to their own spiritual lives.  In addition, Tom hopes to visit Ireland and Iceland with his wife, Linda and son, Thomas in hopes of greater connecting with his family and appreciating God's beautiful handiwork of nature. 


Upon his return, Tom will share his experiences with the congregation of Abundant Life Reformed Church.

Big Changes

I trust this sabbatical will be a great and memorable opportunity of renewal, deeper relationship with the Lord, my family, calling, and to be more focused on the vital things of life and ministry in the years I have left serving God.  This is a unique gift which I am very grateful to being able to have.


This sabbatical will take place from mid-January through mid-April 2016.  The first three weeks, Tom will spend time at local retreat centers, volunteer at a local inner-city soup kitchen and addiction treatment facility. Also, Tom plans to attend worship at various churches during the sabbatical on Sundays and during the week.  In early February, he would travel to Arizona for about three days at the Franciscian Renewal Center, for reflection, rest, and meeting with a spiritual mentor.  Traveling on to southern California, Tom would meet up with his family after a few days at Fuller Seminary, to visits friends and enjoy this region for an extended weekend over Presidents Day.   After all arriving back home for about a week, Tom resume similar activities as from the start of the sabbatical.  Around the first week of March, he will travel to the UK, spend one day exploring London and then traveling on to Salisbury, England where he will reside at Sarum College.  There Tom will be active in program, different services there at the college, at Salisbury Cathedral, and arrange meetings with professors, clergy to discuss faith and type/spiritual life.  On one Sunday, he will preach at a rural Anglican Church which one mentor is pastor.  A few days before Holy Week, Tom will join his family in Ireland and Iceland to take in the natural beauty of these countries, enjoy sights, and worship at churches.  Soon after Easter flying back home, where for the final weeks of the sabbatical will continue to reflect, pray, and process more of the past three months.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $3,000

These gifts beyond the basic budget proposed would also for additional experiences, such as added days to stay at Sarum College, retreat centers, and seminars.