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Orphanage Project - Batey Santana, Dominican Republic






Time Left

Social Sharing will be enabled when the project is launched.

 Christ Lutheran Church has been building an Orphanage in Batey Santana, Dominican Republic over the last 7 years. The church has purchased the land for the orphanage and holds title to that land (about 1/2 acre) The church sends supplies, both food, clothing , and medicine to the orphanage  3 to 4 times each year.  Currently the orphans use the Lutheran church in the Batey for sleeping, once completed the orphanage will house approximately 50 orphans. While the orphanage is approximately half completed, we would like to make the final push to complete the project and give the orphans of Batey Santana a better life.

Batey Santana is a Haitian refugee camp in the Dominican Republic.  The refugees include a number of orphans who do not receive any services from the Dominican Republic.


Big Changes

The project will allow the orphans of Batey Santana to live in a safer, more secure and healthier environment.


As part of the 120th Anniversary of Christ Lutheran, Woodside, NY, we would like to raise the necessary funds to help complete the project now.  The orphanage construction would be completed by Summer 2017.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $5,000

Provide funding for orphange roof.

Stretch Goal #2 $7,000

Provide furnishings and supplies for orphanage.