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St. Paul Gaming Ministry






Time Left

Social Sharing will be enabled when the project is launched.

     The St. Paul Gaming Ministry will serve those who are seeking video game content on YouTube without being forced to endure vulgar or profane language. We wish to be a safe haven and refuge for gamers on YouTube. Eventually, we hope to provide content for a much wider audience than just those who seek out this specific content and be a beacon of light in a world of darkness.

      We hope to accomplish this by using the “gaming” echelon of laptops, those capable of simultaneously playing and recording games, to record three or four gamers (four if first stretch goal is met; one laptop per person) while playing video games. Therefore, we will be using the donated funds to purchase these laptops and related expenses (computer mice, mouse pads, microphones, etc).

Big Changes

       We don't anticipate there being any immediate big changes in the online community as a result of our project and ministry. However, we do hope that with hard work our YouTube channel will develop into a recognized and sought after source of clean entertainment. 

       We do hope that this will provide a big connection in the lives of the youth and young adults involved in leading this ministry with others in our church community and beyond to the online community.


       In short, we want to finish this project and start our ministry as soon as possible. In practical terms, this means waiting for our 45-day campaign to conclude, purchase everything needed as soon as possible thereafter (assuming we receive our entire funding goal), and then start recording and uploading our gaming videos to YouTube.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $2,000

     Our first stretch goal is to cover the cost of equipping an additional gamer. While we can accomplish our intentions with just three people, we would love to have a fourth person.

Stretch Goal #2 $4,000

     Our second stretch goal is intended to finance any repairs needed or buy upgrades to equipment down the road.