BLC 2017 Missions






Time Left

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Poverty knows no boundaries. From the beautiful Atlantic beaches on the Eastern U.S. coast to the dry desert area on the Pacific coast of Mexico, many families struggle every day for basic human needs like food and shelter. 

Two student-led Brookfield Lutheran Church mission teams will travel to Mexico and Guatemala to provide impoverished families with basic living needs and share the love of Christ.

The funds raised in this campaign will be used to help with travel expenses for the teams as well as cover the costs of tools and materials needed to build houses for families. Funds will also help to offset the costs to purchase food and other necessities for recipients. 

The Mexico team will travel in late June to build houses for needy families, provide Vacation Bible School for neighborhood children and distribute beans and rice to local families. The team will build four safe and secure houses. Although small in comparison to a typical U.S. house, these structures will protect the family from rain and extreme heat common in the area of the country and keep the families belongings secure so the family members can go to work and school and not have to worry about theft. 

Vacation bible school will be offered in the native language of Spanish. The simplified lessons, games and craft activities will teach children about God's incredible love and mercy for each and every one of us. Additionally, each child will receive much-needed school supplies so they will be allowed to attend school. (Students in Mexico are not allowed to attend school if the family cannot provide necessary school supplies.)

The Guatemala team will travel in July to take part in Occupational Ministry sites. The locations where missionaries will serve will provide a variety of services to local residents to help them be self-sufficient. Services include special education, social work, microfinances, health care and more. 

Big Changes

The Great Commission given by Christ and recorded in Matthew 28:19 instructs Christians to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world. Our youth are being trained to go this summer and make disciples.

Students will spend their time during the trips humbling themselves to serve others and share the good news of an eternal life in Christ. While the physical tasks that will be performed will help increase the health and safety of area residents, students will also focus much of their time to share the gospel, make disciples and increase God's Kingdom.


The Mexico mission team will travel in June 2017.

The Guatemala mission team will travel in July 2017.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $10,000

Additional funds raised will be used to purchase building tools and supplies in order to provide additional homes to residents in Mexico. 

Stretch Goal #2 $11,000

Excess funds will be used for much-needed improvements in the local community.