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Snor is a small rural village located approximately 22 kilometers west of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  While Siem Reap is a very prosperous city due to the world heritage site of Angkor Wat, Snor remains a poor village of approximately 900 people who just received access to electricity in April of 2016.  Many of these people live on less than $2 per day.

Despite this poverty, the church in Snor has plans to build a simple sanctuary to provide shelter from the sun and rain during worship services and special events.  They have been successful at finding a suitable plot of land on the edge of a rice field near the public school and the center of the village.

However, the last rainy season was not kind to the people and there has been a large amount of erosion that needs to be corrected prior to the next rainy season.  The purpose of this project is to assist them with this most immediate need.

 This is not a project to build a church building, but only to correct and prevent further damage until the community is ready to build.

We hope that you will partner with us in this community by making a pledge of at least $1.  Of course, larger pledges are also appreciated as we make the Church stronger together.


Big Changes

The major changes that will take place involve building a retaining wall to hold the soil in place on the east and south sides of the property.  Once the retaining wall is in place, the property will be back filled with the soil that has washed into the rice field and additional fill dirt.

Currently, the land is partially fenced off to show possession by the church and to keep the wandering cows and carabao or water buffalo off the property.  This fence will be completed by installing cement fence posts in place of the current rotted wood fence posts and stretching chain link fence between the posts.  A gate to the roadway will then be added, totally enclosing the property.

The final change will also be the addition of a drainage pipe on the northeast corner of the property to channel flood water from the village under the church property and into the neighboring rice field where it will be used for irrigation of the rice without damaging the church property.



We are planning on releasing this project as soon as possible and run for 45 days.  Technically, the rainy season starts in May, but in normal years, the major rains do not come until September and October.  In recent years, the rains have come even later in November and December.  If we can receive the your help by late May, we think we can finish the project prior to further damage from the monsoon rains.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $10,650

Once the erosion of the church property is repaired and fencing in place, any excess money will be used to redo the fish pond.  The fish pond will be fenced off and the edges reinforce so that it will be a first rate fish rearing pond.  The fish raised can be used for feeding the local community or for sale to provide an income for sustaining the church.  We hope to line the pond for easy harvest of the fish and provide aeration to increase the productivity of the pond.

Stretch Goal #2 $11,650

If stretch goal number 1 is completely met, the money in stretch goal 2 will be used to stock the fish pond with a quality food fish such as tilapia and pangasius (Asian catfish) and to purchase heritage seeds to improve diversify the local farming community and improve the diets of the locals by adding more vegetables into the diet of rice and fish.