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WHY WE DO CAMP?  Each summer since 2010, Trinity Lutheran has played host to EPMDC.  The goal of camp is to give kids who can't afford it, the opportunity to have an awesome camp experience close to home in a faith-based environment.  Lots of us have fond memories of being a kid in the summer time but not every child has the same positive memories.  Many families can't afford to send their children to camp but we know that through camp, lives are changed! 

CAMPERS are ages 6-13 years old and they come to camp for two weeks in Worcester!  Our campers come from a variety of backgrounds.  They are local, neighborhood children, members of our churces or refugees brand new to America!  

COUNSELORS from Camp Calumet Lutheran Outdoor Ministries provide the fun, passionate camp atmosphere that we all love!  They are professionally trained and are hand-selected to be The Best Counselors for Worcester as they guide campers through faith-based curriculum!  Even our counselors hail from other parts of the world!

CITs are local teens who are volunteering to work alongside Calumet Counselors here in Worcester.  Not only do they get an awesome opportunity to serve and give back in their home community, they gain tremendous leadership skills.  

Each day is different at EPMDC as we strive to expose campers to as many new and local opportunities as possible.  Some days we have visits from the Fire Department, local sports teams or we focus on literacy with guest readers and a visit to Libby, the mobile library bus...all of that mixed into our regular camp programming!  The entire camp goes on a field trip twice per week to state parks for swimming and nature hikes.  Every day, campers receive breakfast, lunch and a snack.  

Big Changes

Lives are changed through EPMDC!
We have the awesome opportunity to see God at work through each of the campers, counselors and CITs that we work with in the short two weeks that camp happens in Worcester.  

Scared of water but in up to your knees...we have watched as campers  stood at the edge of the lake, wanting to take part in the fun that other campers were having splashing around but terrified of what might be in the water because of the cultural fears instilled in them.  And on the last field trip day, those campers ventured into the water with huge smiles on their faces...all because of the gentle prodding and quick relationships that are formed.  

I didn't know I could do that!  It's not only the campers who get to try new things at camp!  Some of our past Counselors and CIT's have also been exposed to new things at EPMDC.  Whether it's interacting with someone from another country or culture or having to utilize personal skills that they didn't know exisited within themselves, our counselors and volunteers are changed because of camp!  

Returning each year  We are blessed to be a place where campers can't wait to return to each summer for "the best two weeks of my life!"  Kids can't wait to come to camp and the same is true for the counselors!  Calumet's counselors make sure they carve out time to be able to work in Worcester for two weeks because the experience is so powerful!



Camp starts soon!  The counselors have gone through orientation at Camp Calumet, CITs are getting ready to work hard with the counselors and campers are getting excited as their registrations are coming in.