Victims of Violence & Abuse

Reflecting God's grace to Victims and Survivors of Sex-Trafficking






Time Left

Social Sharing will be enabled when the project is launched.

Mirror Ministries' advocates are reflecting the grace of God to victims and survivors of sex trafficking in our community. Mirror Ministries Survivor Services’ mission is to respond to the needs of domestic sex-trafficking victims with the love of Christ through education, intervention, and restoration. We offer hope and healing to those hurting from the ravages of trafficking, and support them along the path to their new life goals.

Mirror runs a 24/7 local hotline [1(509)212-9995] for trafficking victims, questions, and referrals. We are receiving referrals from local and federal law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, schools, local ministries, and our Juvenile Justice Center. We often have parents or the clients themselves calling the hotline for services. Many people are surprised to find out that our clients are from every socioeconomic background, gender and age. We are currently serving clients ranging from ages of 14-54, with the majority between 15-19 years of age. 

We offer non-residential aftercare services including direct victim services, advocacy & mentorship, art & music therapy, transportation, assistance with legal system, counseling & local resources, independent living skills, survivor support groups, connecting them with healthy community, and just being there for them through life's turns. Whatever it takes for each individual to feel safe and move forward in their healing.

These funds will help us pay a second full time Advocate so that we can serve the expanded case load that The Lord is directing our way. Each of our clients deserves our time and attention and for victims of sex-trafficking the need is much deeper than a typical social service agency can give. Your partnership will also allow us to get expanded office space to hold our Survivor Support group activities. The funds from We Raise will mean that we can bring that hope and healing through caring advocates, services, meals, treats, a safe place, and therapeutic activities for more and more victims to become healthy whole survivors.

Big Changes

We are so excited to see what God has in store for this season!  Will you pray along with us for a donated office space (or home) to continue to expand our services?

The number of clients we are seeing continues to grow and our community is becoming more aware. Although it is extraordinarily horrid that this crime takes place at all, we know it's prevalence and we are glad we can be here to offer hope and healing. To shine light in this darkenss. Join us as we follow boldly where Christ leads us to serve. He is doing great things!


Mirror Minsitries has been busy advocating for victims of sex trafficking in our community for several years now.  As we have been able to bring more education and awareness more victims are coming forward for services. 

December 2014- Mirror Ministries formed as an official non-profit agency

January 2014 and beyond- partnering with TC-CAT (Tri-Cities Coalition Against Trafficking)

Nov- Dec 2015- Ran first WeRaise campaign and exceeded our stretch goal!

February 2016- Hired our first part-time human trafficking advocate thanks to WeRaise campaign and Women Helping Women funding

February 2017- Hired first full-time sex-trafficking advocate for the Tri-Cities!

May 2017- Due to continued increase in the population coming forward for services we hired our 2nd full-time sex trafficking advocate for Mirror Ministries. 

July 2017- Begin our WeRaise campaign to cover the cost of our additional employee and services to the community 

July 2017- Community outreach to all of our local hotels with training on how to spot and stop sex-trafficking with the local and national hotlines posted in each room and on guest brochures

August- December 2017- Outreach to local schools, foster kids/social workers, homeless youth, and community businesses to find those victims who are 'hidden in plain sight'

Sept- October 2017 - Provide training for local counselors who are partnering with us to care for the victims and survivors

2018- Increasing our Restoration and Aftercare services by developing residential care possibilities.