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Family First at Forder






Time Left

4 days

Family First at Forder provides volunteers and funding for student and parent support on homework topics. We need additional funds to continue to offer the daily support to students for academic progress for the 2017/2018 year.  The project started last school year with funds to pay a dedicated resource to provide consistent, daily support for students in need. We hosted an Academic Achievement award ceremony for kids who made progress through their extra work.

Forder Elementary School is in South St. Louis County. There is a Forder Elementary Community committee consisting of teachers, staff, parents, students and local church members. The school has identified a significant need for supporting students and their families. The school has a large population of english language learners who need specialized support. There are many school budget cuts through the last years. And the student needs at Forder Elementary have increased.

We have secured two grants at this time which will help us with funding homework kits and supplies for the evening family events.  We need $7,500 to support the dedicated support services at the school during the school day. There are students who will receive support services and we track academic outcomes as a method of measuring the success of the efforts.

Many church congregations partner with local schools in St. Louis City.  It is less common in South St. Louis County.  There are families in our neighborhood that need extra support and we believe that Forder Elementary deserves our intentional giving! Let's show we care!

Big Changes

All parents want to look into their child's eyes and offer hope that they can be successful. The Forder Elementary School has a supportive environment and dedicated team. We work with the school staff and teachers to offer an extra pair of hands and loving hearts. Students are making progress with the extra support services.  With a bit more help, we will watch many more Forder Falcons Soar! 


Family First at Forder will be an ongoing partnership between the community and the school for years to come.  The $7,500 will be applied to paying a dedicated resource for the 2017/2018 school year.  It is an intentional community outreach to raise up the next generation!

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #1 $7,500

Our stretch goal of $7,500 will provide paid hours each week of a dedication resource to serve as many as 30 students from all grade levels.

Stretch Goal #2 $10,000

Our next stretch goal of $10,000 will fund more paid hours to increase services to as many as 50 students from all grade levels.