Crowdfunding for Sabbaticals

Why Sabbaticals?

Sabbaticals are vital for health and sustainability, both for ministry leaders and the organizations they serve. A successful sabbatical requires support and buy-in of the community within the ministry. The WeRaise platform is a perfect tool to help facilitate communication and generate support. Use WeRaise to tell a ministry leader's story; their commitment, their impact, and the importance of renewal. Those that visit the project page, whether from the ministry community or the leader's past and present networks, will have a place to express their support and encouragement.

Sabbatical Financial Incentive

Wheat Ridge understands the importance of health in ministry leaders and the significant role sabbaticals play. For that reason, WeRaise sabbatical projects will automatically receive a $500 pledge from Wheat Ridge!* As with all WeRaise projects, the campaign must reach its funding goal to receive any of the funds pledged. For more details, please review our FAQ page.

Sabbatical Coaching Available - FREE

Not quite sure what preparing for a sabbatical looks like? An experienced, trained sabbatical coach, who is also a retired pastor, is available to help guide the planning process! He will provide insight on planning a sabbatical that truly fosters a sense of renewal and health. Additionally, he will provide congregational planning support so ministry can continue during the leader's absence. These coaching services are free and, if needed, will also include coaching through the WeRaise crowdfunding process.

Questions? Interested in Learning More?

If you would like to find out more about using WeRaise or would like to be connected with free sabbatical coaching services, please contact Wheat Ridge at

*Sabbatical projects must have a funding goal of at least $5,500 to receive the $500 incentive.