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When my wife and I were both notified that we would be losing our jobs due to a corporate bankruptcy, we were asked by Pastor Robert W. Smith (LCMS) if we would be willing to teach at a Christian university in the world's largest Muslim country. After teaching several years, the government of Indonesia refused my request for an extension of a work visa. My wife requested that if possible that she would like to continue to work for the Lord in Southeast Asia. That prayer was answered by Dr. Rev. Fungchatou Lo who invited us, "before you leave Southeast Asia, come and see what the Lord is doing here." We came with no intention of staying, but knelt before the alter of Trinity Lutheran Church in Battambang and prayed. in 2012, we returned as LCMS missionaries, working on the construction of a dormitory for disadvantaged rural youth. That project was halted due to changes in Cambodian law and reorganization of LCMS Asian Missions, but my wife and I asked to remain in Cambodia. In May 2016, we were reassigned to work with Pastor Samuel in one of the poorest provinces of Cambodia, Siem Reap and spend our time teaching catechism and English in the four preaching stations of Pastor Samuel.






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