Welcome to WeRaise

Welcome to WeRaise, the Christian 
crowdfunding platform that leads to grant funding!

WeRaise is a Christian crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting leaders and their organizations as they meet the needs in the lives of others. From playgrounds to church buildings, after school programs to ministry leader sabbaticals, we've been inspired by the talented leaders making a difference.

What Makes WeRaise Different?
  • Successful projects are eligible for additional funding through grants from Wheat Ridge Ministries!

  • No added fees! Your project pays processing fees and that's it - Wheat Ridge doesn't tack any extra fees on. (Total processing fees are 4.9%+$0.30/transaction)

  • Leader support! Free webinars, project building tools, and a support team ready to answer your questions.

Ready to get started?


Need Inspiration?
Here are a few of the WeRaise projects that went on to receive grant funding from Wheat Ridge.